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Pastebin Post: Ron Brynaert emails Barrett Brown about Neal Rauhauser

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Pastebin Post: Ron Brynaert emails Barrett Brown about Neal Rauhauser Empty Pastebin Post: Ron Brynaert emails Barrett Brown about Neal Rauhauser

Post by ZiLe on Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:29 pm

Ron Brynaert emails Barrett Brown about Neal Rauhauser
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Shorter version of email I sent to Barrett Brown 5 days before his 9/12/12 FBI raid, 4 days before he started posted videos which led to his arrest for alleged threats to an FBI agent, and 2 days before the release of "LA Prosecutor Patrick Frey Chats with Barrett Brown 3" (, which mentioned me and the person I asked him questions and tried to warn him about: Neal Rauhauser.

Barrett Brown read some of my email on his TinyChat that night, and then sent me a short but absolutely hysterical response which follows.

Following the emails are some tweets from an argument I had with Barrett on 9/9/12 after he posted the chat with Frey aka Patterico, when I told him that Neal Rauhauser was "obviously" Carlito2000. Rauhauser denied he was Carlito2000 many times for months afterward at his blog, but admitted he was in a phone call that was leaked last month (mp3 link: Rauhauser still hasn't admitted being @OccupyUnmasked, but it's also "obviously" Neal, who is notorious for using socks on Twitter.

15 minutes after Barrett was arrested by the FBI, Rauhauser joined the TinyChat and took tweets I made out of context to claim I had threatened I "was going to drop a dime on Barrett" (TinyChat transcript link: More details and backstory can be found in a pastebin I wrote shortly before I was d0xed by a Rauhauser ally with Anonymous at this link:

Finally, a complaint Neal Rauhauser sent to LA County about Patterico is included, which mentions Barrett and me.


On Sat, Sep 8, 2012 at 11:17 PM, Ron Brynaert wrote:


Perhaps Neal Rauhauser is the reason why we got off on the wrong foot. (perhaps Adrian Chen, too, since I think he plays hoaxes with 4chan and is a clown).

You seem to forget that you contacted me on June 23rd, 2011, and I put you in touch with Raw Story who made corrections to an article about you. Perhaps you forgot who I was when you helped Neal (and Breitbart associates) smear me last fall, and that is why we've fought.

That said, I'm no fan of Anonymous or hackers or trolls that hide behind anonymity, but I regret the fact that Neal Rauhauser, Patterico and Stranahan (and their colleagues) essentially trapped me in a story I was reporting on, and have made me lose my cool too many times the last 14 months.

How much longer until the alleged big reveal about the swattings? You said it would be Friday. If you have information that will help clear my name, I'd sure like to see it, naturally.
"You're think of Neal Reahauser, who is one of your Democratic operatives and someone who has repeatedly tried to work with my group (and sometimes did indeed provide useful info)."

What "useful info" did Neal Rauhauser provide?

Did you have a falling out at the Guardian? Who was your editor there? You definitely seem to have frustration with the press and Daily Kos phonies who don't care about anything unless it will help Democrats win elections. Been there, done that, still doing it.


I've spent a year probing Neal Rauhauser ever since he smeared me last June...and I don't understand why someone who was in Project Vigilant, has weird FBI ties, spreads hoaxes and traded tweets with Adrian Lamo on the same day he hooked up with Bradley Manning isn't persona non grata.

Neal was the very first person to target me after I helped expose that fake teens were created on Twitter to go after Weiner with Jen Preston from NY Times - who also was working with Stranahan, Liberty Chick and Neal.

Neal smeared me to Patterico and Stranahan, which is why I've spent the last 14 months trying to figure out who is on what side and don't seem to be any closer to finding out.

What name does Neal use on IRC chats - if you don't mind me asking?


From: Barrett Brown
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Sunday, September 9, 2012 12:43 AM
Subject: Re: so....

Ron, this is very long but I'll read it tomorrow. In the meantime just want to note that you are a terrible interviewer, and somehow also apparently forgettable although not so much since you went nuts or whatever happened to you since our first talk in 2009. Worst, most incomprehensible job interview I had in 15 years as a working journalist. Talk to you soon, and please don't get your crazy all over my fucking Patterico leaks in the meantime. If you want to learn how to destroy someone, watch me for next week or so. Take care to show me proper respect due to your superiors in the future.

@ronbryn: You're either a fool or a liar. Carlito2000 is obviously @NealRauhauser just like @Patterico told you @BarrettBrownLOL

@BarrettBrownLOL: @ronbryn @Patterico Remember how you thought I was working with Rauhauser so you harassed 5 journos for reporting various true claims?

@ronbryn: I agree with @Patterico that Rauhauser aka @OccupyUnmasked "sucks ass at hiding his writing style". Are u lying or a fool? @BarrettBrownLOL

@BarrettBrownLOL: @ronbryn For 6 months I was scared of being publicly enmeshed with you and @Patterico craziness re: SWAT and NEALSEVERYWHERE

@occupyunmasked: @LiberalGrouch And a little bird tell me that Swatterico bar complaint due to @BarrettBrownLOL paste happened yesterday or today.

@OccupyUnmasked: @anon2world actually, we think @ronbryn live in lower Manhattan, but he's cautious.


The follow is the text of a complaint sent to the Los Angeles County Prosecutor's Office on September 14th regarding John Patrick Frey. His behavior here treads very close tothe line,but it is not enough for them to remove him. The the lawsuit he faces from Nadia Naffe is another matter and it is understood that if she prevails that may put an end toFrey's career in the DA'soffice. The California bar requires much less in order to implement sanctions against an attorney and there appear to be a bar complaint in process for Mr. Frey.


I am writing you today regarding the long running unethical and perhaps criminal conduct of John Patrick Frey.

I first became aware of Frey some time in in the context of Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal. I wrote the following articles based on what I knew of his conduct. I was banned from this site on July 29th, 2011 due to Frey's intimidation and manipulation of the management. As a one line summary of these articles, Weiner was indeed engaging women he had met online, but the "teenage girls" he had been in contact were entirely fake, and Frey seemed to have a deep involvement in this fabrication. We later learned that the underlying motive for all of this seems to be Congressman Mike Grimm in NY-11 taking revenge on Weiner, who triggered a federal grand jury that is investigating Grimm for extortion.

I continued to watch Frey and his associates. Frey or someone close to him induced a New Jersey resident named Mike Stack to file a citizen's complaint against me in New Jersey during January of 2012. The assertion Stack made was shocking - that I had made a false police report on June 23rd, 2011 which had resulted in police raids of his former address, his parents house, and then finally his actual residence. Stack has indicated his door was kicked in and he spent some time handcuffed face down in his yard while the police searched his house for the body of his wife and the gun that he used to shoot her. Stack has never owned a firearm, nor has he ever married. Stack was targeted due to the fact that he had been left holding the bag for the fabricated teens that targeted Anthony Weiner, and he continued to draw attention to what happened even after Weiner resigned.

I later learned that Frey had asserted he was also the victim of a false report on June 30th, 2011, and that he had employed Los Angeles County audio forensics expert KentGibson in an attempt to frame Ron Brynaert for this. Brynaert is an investigative journalist, I have spoken to him once and it is clear that he is not the voice of the false reportcaller. This matter was explored in depth by Brynaert and another blogger, who uses the pen name qritiq (critic).

There are many unknowns in this tangle of characters and sub-plots, but the following video cuts through the confusion. This 3:35 video compares the voice of the SWAT caller to that of Brandon Darby. This man is in partnership with Lee Stranahan, a former editor for Frey's blog, Stranahan was ejected from this role the day after Frey was allegedly targeted and the public statements regarding why this was done have never held up. I think there are two theories that could explain Stranahan's removal: either Frey was in on what happened to Stack, or Darby and Stranahan set him up for a much less aggressive police visit, then tried to draw him into the scheme after the fact. Ananalysis of this entire series of events has been provided to the FBI, as it may be of interest to federal grand juries in New York and D.C., as well as their current cybercrime task force.

I arranged to resolve the charges Stack had filed via mediation in mid May of 2012 in conjunction with another court proceeding in New Jersey scheduled the next day. The other hearing was an injunction attempt by James O'Keefe, who was trying to suppress evidence of his election fraud that was in the hands of a woman named Nadia Naffe. O'Keefe is facing a grand jury in New Hampshire. I had made the New Hampshire assistant AG prosecuting the case aware that she had evidence, but the time frame was too tight for him to produce an out of state subpoena. In lieu of that I hand delivered a letter to Naffe's counsel which indicated the AG's interest in preserving the evidence.

Frey published Naffe's personal information including medical records and social security number to the PDF repository. This was done during work hours and he used his wife's account. I understand that Christi Frey is also a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County. This was a transparent attempt to intimidate a witness. I brought this situation to the attention of Los Angeles attorney Jay Leiderman, then introduced he and Naffe, and he is now representing her in a civil case against Frey.

I recently learned that Frey has been in communication with Barrett Brown, the self-described "Commander of Anonymous" during the Tunisia revolution. Brown is the founder of Project PM, a research oriented online activist group that has been heavily involved in many of the "operations" Anonymous has done over the last two years. Their discussion centered around an exchange - Brown would do *something* about or to me, and in exchange Frey would take action against Robert Stacy McCain. An SPLC listed hate talker,McCain was the subject of an entire chapter in a book Brown published a few years ago, and McCain has harassed me endlessly since the 2010 election.

Brown is someone I know from DailyKos and I do talk to him occasionally, but I have kept a good bit of distance since the winter of 2010. Even then it was painful obvious he was going to get a federal indictment fairly soon. His home was searched and his computers seized in March of 2012 in connection with the indictment of a number of members of the LulzSec hacking group. He was arrested this Wednesday on charges of threatening a federal agent.

Brown was already releasing his communications with Frey due to a disagreement with him, and I strongly suspect that Frey or one of his associates triggered Brown's raid this week. Brown was denied bail and transferred to federal custody. He will likely be quite willing to discuss whatever passed between he and Frey.

This conflict has been steadily escalating for the last fifteen months. Frey has offered to trade favors with someone who was clearly operating outside the law in order to get at me. The next obvious step for him is to move this from the virtual world to the physical, trading a plea deal with the gangs he is supposed to prosecute in exchange for violence against me, my associates, or my family.

Please put a stop to Frey's schemes before he gets someone killed.


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