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March 2, 2012 Neal Rauhauser's Blog on Andrew Breitbart

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March 2, 2012 Neal Rauhauser's Blog on Andrew Breitbart Empty March 2, 2012 Neal Rauhauser's Blog on Andrew Breitbart

Post by ZiLe on Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:39 pm

"I have been pursued" Neal is a major drama queen with a double dose of self importance.

March 2, 2012
Regarding Andrew Breitbart

I engaged in a war of words with Andrew Breitbart the evening of February 29th. He was at a bar near his home, drinking wine and having a pleasant chat with some of his neighbors. He got up, headed home around 11:30, collapsed due to a pre-existing heart condition, and was pronounced dead not long after. Having given this situation some consideration, I am not making any statement to the press for fear of screwing up existing investigations, but as a courtesy I will collate and describe a few things that are already available on the net for the bewildered journalist trying to understand that last exchange between us.

The True History Of Andrew Breitbart’s Hatred For Neal Rauhauser is a fourteen page PDF of screen shots collected right around the time of the 2010 midterm election. All of the items included are actual captures (read: no fabrication) but the timeline is jumbled and you’d need to see inside sauce-jar.aes256 to understand exactly what transpired.

sauce-jar.aes256 is a 563 meg encrypted archive that was included in the Kookpocalypse torrent. This was released 2/6/2012, the anniversary of the HBGary break in, and it contains screen captures, PDFs, Maltego graphs, timeline files, and other data that support my conclusion – portions of the Team Themis project may be at work among the people who contribute to Breitbart’s BigGovernment site. There are some sample files in the torrent that are interesting. State and federal authorities have already seen the unencrypted version of this.

I have been pursued since the 2010 midterm by a woman who used the now defunct Twitter screen name @ZAPEM. The ZAPEM Libel Suit Scribd collection is an as yet unfiled civil action against this person. She seems to have persecution delusions and this led to the massive non-scandal of Twittergate during the 2010 election.

Origins of Anonymous is a bundle of five PDFs that I published during January while I was revisiting some of cyberpunk author William Gibson’s work in audiobook format. I was nearing the end of a class on alternate reality game design so this work very much reads like an ARG “trailhead”. I have actually put some time into developing this game, tentatively named “Spook Country”, but it will never be played – there are simply far too many real world dangers associated with the basis for the game for me to release it and remain within accepted bounds for an ARG puppetmaster. The style is a sort of grand “delusion of reference”, a bit of fun creative writing for me brought on by the combination of listening to Gibson and reading ARG maven Jane McGonigal’s book Reality Is Broken.

I am a hacker, in the sense that I instinctively know how things fit together, rather than the 31337 h4x0r getting into people’s stuff use of the word.

I have written about Persona Management Methods. I am deeply weary of crazy people following me around injecting their mental illness into my life, so I do really mean things to them – see Geolocation Lulz - a variety of network oriented pranks intended to keep them hopeful of locating me, yet thoroughly frustrated. If you read the nealr Tumblr you will see a lot of fact, some ARG-ish posts, and a few that are obviously meant to convey one message to the overactive pattern matching of paranoid, delusional stalkers, and quite another to coherent readers.

There has been quite a bit of ephemera in and around Twittergate, Weinergate, and the Kookpocalypse. Email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter accounts, Tumblr accounts, Scribd documents, and so forth come and go. Some of it is me, some of it is Anonymiss, and like the geolocation bit above it’s all calculated to annoy the shit out of any obsessive stalker kook without providing anything they can actually use.

A big chunk of the investigative work I do is with the help of Anonymiss – I play John Bosley’s role in Charlie’s Angels to about a dozen women who range in age from early twenties to mid fifties. They like solving puzzles and they keep a very close eye on things that would quickly drive me to distraction. I make it a point to not know names or locations and they don’t want to talk to you, so don’t even ask.

I know it’ll come up so I’ll flatly deny each of the following:

I don’t work for Anthony Weiner, his detective agency, his former fundraiser Dolev Azaria, or anyone else with regard to any work I did on Weinergate. I saw two fabricated teen girls used to smear a Congressman I liked so I kicked ass and took names until I was sure the people involved would NEVER try such a thing again.
I was not John Reid, Dan Wolfe, or any of the other grabasstic sock puppets involved in Weinergate. I have gone after blue dogs, most notably former Congressman Barron Hill in Indiana 9 during the 2010 cycle, but it’s just plain stupid to think I’d do anything to a pro-choice, single payer liberal firebrand like Weiner.
I don’t work for George Soros, the Clintons, Project VIGILANT(but I am an alum), Velvet Revolution, SEIU, the Illuminati, or any other person, organization, or outlandish conspiracy that my unwanted, obsessive fan club may suggest. They don’t know where I live any closer than D.C. and NYC, whom I associate with, or how I make my way in the world.

UPDATE: The @Neal_Rauhauser Twitter account is now private and will likely be left idle, perhaps permanently. I have published a PDF of the last 72 hours of tweets between 2/28/2012 and 3/1/2012.

I have also made a handful of imges from the yfrog associated with this account available in a Flickr photo set.

Finally and perhaps most important for those seeking to understand the last few days of Andrew Breitbart’s life, I have collected 31 screen shots that should help clarify. View the Breitbart/Naffe/Rauhauser slide show to see the particulars. Note that I’m not implying I am @AnonyOps, that just happens to be the last person he RT and it’s one of the Anonymous outlets I talk to at times.

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