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Matt Osborne, Twitter Judge & Jury

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Matt Osborne, Twitter Judge & Jury

Post by ZiLe on Mon Dec 09, 2013 4:34 pm

Using someone else's real life picture for an avatar, as OsborneInk is doing here, is a Twitter Terms of Service violation not to mention disturbing. Accusing him of being a stalker along with his real name and photo is setting him up as a target.

I am not a "pretend" liberal, I have no idea if Mr Walker is a RWNJ or not. In any case, political persuasion has no relevance to impersonation or the targeting an individual.
Why Suzanne Munshower @expatina chooses to stick up for Matt Osborne is beyond me. If Osborne is going to be a "Liberal Blogger" then he should give up being judge and jury on Twitter.


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