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BOO - #Stalker RJ (Bobby) Sterling thinks he's clever! LMAO

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BOO - #Stalker RJ (Bobby) Sterling thinks he's clever! LMAO

Post by thoth on Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:37 pm

You stalk SDzzz and oversee a conversation about what happened to an account?

Such excitement - woot!

(note to tweeters - when referencing @ing or @mentions - use @/ing or @/mentions so then they will not show up as handles in the tweets - It is just an excuse for Guys like Bobby to mock you.) Wink

 lol!  "Eye in the Sky" lol! 

I'll refrain from putting in Wintrthur's message you capped - creep - leave folks alone.

Dangerous Freaks? Hmm - all those warrants and arrest records - You must be referring to the Cabal.

But hey - Public Timelines are just that - PUBLIC.

If @Sinzsi did not want you to find her - you wouldn't.

By the way - glad you are feeling better Pu55y - close call.  Ran out of Stealth Fuel? What does that mean?

MOAR BTW - You missed this - so I will forward one of your well wishes - I am sure you will want to thank them.


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