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OmegleWarden/OmegleDev Confesses to Doxing & Spamming UniteBlue

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OmegleWarden/OmegleDev Confesses to Doxing & Spamming UniteBlue Empty OmegleWarden/OmegleDev Confesses to Doxing & Spamming UniteBlue

Post by ZiLe on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:08 pm

Justin Dobbs AKA OmegleDev confessed to the attacks he made on UniteBlue members. Despite this confession and numerous reports made about his TOS violations, his OmegleWarden and OmegleDev accounts were never banned or even suspended.


OmegleWarden/OmegleDev Confesses to Doxing & Spamming UniteBlue 486088f01a9ce86502340a3871b97c06_normal
OmegleDev @OmegleDev

16th May 2013 from TwitLonger

"Not Your Personal Army" Response:

OmegleWarden was a late coming addition to those who sought after UniteBlue. However I've only ever heard of UniteBlue for about a week at best at the time. As stated I am not political.

When I first heard about UniteBlue and their possible connection with William G. Talley, I stepped In. Like a lot of people I do not like pedophiles, and even worse a company or even a massive group of people who support and or protect them.

During the time I was Involved I did research, Lot's of research on UniteBlue.

I d0x'd members of the board, I d0x'd people involved as I slammed through each open door. I spammed their chat #LibCrib and #UniteBlue for a few days - Not to mention personally calling out people.

Once I found out UniteBlue factually has nothing to do with William G. Talley "Currently" (Because we all have a past of some type, so his past did not matter regarding UniteBlue only the present) I dropped out of the entire thing, and left like a dog with his tail between his legs.

Since then I have left UniteBlue members and #LibCrib alone.

William G. Talley is the person I am after, not a company who is attempting to do something on a scale that most people will not understand.

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