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The Comment by Aurora Grajeda, AKA @CihuaMexica, CENSORED by Daily Kos

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The Comment by Aurora Grajeda, AKA @CihuaMexica, CENSORED by Daily Kos

Post by ZiLe on Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:46 am

Update: While protesting the censorship of her comment to the @DailyKos Twitter account Aurora was banned from The Daily Kos after 7 years of being a member

I wrote an article called A Very Rauhauser Christmas at The Daily Kos. Aurora Grajeda (@CihuaMexica) wrote a very nice, sensible comment. It was banned shortly. Below is Aurora's comment in full.

I see Cabal's members keeping lid on their infamy (0+ / 0-)
The Cabal is a gang-like group in Twitter who take it upon themselves to define who is Liberal, Progressive or True Blue, regardless if the one who they label GOP, RightWinger or RightWingNut is a registered Democrat and a Liberal Progressive all of her/his life.
It's a long an convoluted story, but they don't want Kossacks to learn about what they have done and still are doing.
For the last ten months they have been on a smear campaign against current and former members of a Liberal Twitter Group, @UniteBlue. You can check here or a primer on this smear and just to think all of the time spent on fighting off this despicable infamy taken away from working in pro-liberal/progressive matters.
Among the  people in The Cabal, is Neal Rauhauser AKA [url= Wind]"Stranded Wind"[/url] Here on DailyKos, who identified himself as a Hacker here iand who was subsequently banned.
He had another account here at DailyKos under [url= Boy]Iowa Boy[/url] where he trashes the mother of her children whom she accuses of having a drug "Problem" Which is a huge distortion to make her look bad. (PapiTerra can expand on that)
Other member in the Cabal is Matt Osborne of OsborneInk who also has an [url= Osborne]account here[/url] at DailyKos who has built a solid reputation as an habitual liar, libeler, defamer, etc. And I invite him to sue me, love to have him under oath in his deposition and during discovery in front of my lawyer. That would make my whole year, at least.
Another top tier in The Cabal is CatsRimportant who also recently opened an account here at DailyKos under her real name Melissa Brewer. Another major league liar, libeler and defamer. I'm 66 years old and in all of my conscious life, I've never seen anyone lie, fabricate, conflate, obfuscate as she does. I've seen her lies for the last 10 months, I see it and still have a problem believing that anyone, specially one who calls herself a 'christian' (Yes, small 'c') Be so intellectually bankrupt. And I fall short in saying how dishonest she is.
Of course, there are more, it'd take a lot of space to just list them.
They have done so many filthy things like doxing, even a parole officer in Maricopa County, Arizona, putting his life and that of his family in mortal danger when they set a psychopath ex-fellon who already had a grudge on him. John himself wrote a post about it.
Here's a little more of what they have been doing Twitter Evil & How I Came Into Contact With It!, I wrote some pieces on my blog here, here, here and about another member of The Cabal's hypocrisy which abound among them here.
There has been other posts here on DailyKos about this issue from Angie in WA State here, Liewbob here, and by DailyKos and @UniteBlue member JoHafford here who is an organizer on the ground in Arizona working on the @UniteBlue campaign to turn all 50 States Blue by 2014. I also did cross-posted the piece on my blog here
I have been at DailyKos since 2006 and I was a little concerned that my disclossing what other Kossacks have been doing would get me kicked out of DailyKos; that would hurt me very much, but if that event comes to pass, so  be it. I can't tolerate being censored or worst, silenced.
I know for a fact that some Kossacks want to keep the UniteBlue issue off DKoss or under wraps, some of them are member or sympathizers of The Cabal. But you know what?
If the penalty for speaking up here on Daily Kos is being kicked out, that is a relatively small price to pay for exercising that which the United States of America Constitution Guarantees; Freedom of expression and association.
Aurora Grajeda, AKA Tranny, AKA @CihuaMexica
"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for a public and have no self" - Cyril Connolly
by Tranny on Sat Dec 21, 2013 at 07:10:22 PM PST

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