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As Predicted, Another Smear Against UniteBlue UPDATED

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As Predicted, Another Smear Against UniteBlue UPDATED

Post by ZiLe on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:33 pm

UPDATE: Anonymous reports that the @C37205 is another Neal sockpuppet. Maybe someone should notify Carolyn Hogge?

It was predicted that with elections coming up this year the smear campaign on UniteBlue would begin once again. With the SOTU address this week it's no big surprise that a new smear blog showed up.

The piece is shoddy journalism, it was not researched as claimed. It's just a rewrite of the bullshit that Munshower, Trina, Shoq and Osborne have been spewing. It repeats their willful ignorance of how Twitter and the internet work. It paints the members of UniteBlue as being ignorant, gullible and stupid.

It is remarkable that the article fails to mention the Bill Talley episode which was a pretty major event. Suzanne & friends were claiming UniteBlue and members supported pedophilia and pedophiles. And Anonymous got involved. Yeah, that was a hell of a time.

The efforts to destroy UniteBlue blew apart when Anonymous found out they'd been lied to and manipulated by Trina.  It was discovered that Trina, Karoli, Shoq and others knew and kept Talley's child pornography court case a secret for months. And OmegleWarden found out he also had been lied to and used to break the law. I guess it would have been hard to spin that in a positive light in the smear piece.

The article also continues the ignorance about the Twitter API. Twitter is not a private communication service. Nobody's tweets are private. All tweets and DMs are given by Twitter to the Library of Congress for posterity. All of them. Twitter makes a good chunk of its money in providing data to companies for data mining. These companies are not interested in your secrets, they're interested in what music you like, what clothes you buy, what food you purchase. This helps them to develop products and marketing that appeal to what consumers really want.

The Greens have no special access to the Twitter API, they are just the creators of another App. It is not magical, satanic or voodoo. But it is free, open source. Anyone can download and use the app developed by Adam Green. To imply that there is something nefarious going on with the UniteBlue app is deliberate misinformation.

What should be considered is that throughout most of US history, political committees have decided what issues will be part of the party platform. The issues they choose are not necessarily what the people want or need. As Zach Green pointed out in 2012, the main political issue being discussed on Twitter was Women's Reproductive Rights yet none of the parties or candidates were addressing that issue.

Now such oversights can be avoided. Instead of political committees deciding the issues they can find out what issues are important to people via social media and organized groups like UniteBlue.

This latest smear piece on UB was written by Carolyn Hogge, a friend of Suzanne Munshower. For a very brief period of time-2 months-Carolyn was a blogger for the Examiner. Concrete Blonde

As stated on her Twitter bio, she is a "scribe for hire". Carolyn is currently unemployed and lives with her parents so I guess whatever Munshower paid her to write the piece was sorely needed.

"Among those having trouble finding work is Caroline Hogge, 48, who has been looking since July 2012, when she left a procurement job at Warner Bros. in California. She moved back to her parents’ home in Tennessee and has applied for jobs as far away as New Hampshire and Indiana.
“I go in for the interview, and then have feedback saying that ‘oh, they loved you, but you were overqualified,’” said Hogge, who has a master’s degree in European studies from Indiana University."  
Link to Original Article

The smear article is entitled UniteBlue, What a fool believes. The title is an appropriate description of the writer. I thought it was interesting to see comments after the article by Osborne and Munshower. I thought it hilarious to see the interaction with the infamous Melissa Brewer. Melissa claimed she didn't make the antiUB videos, just posted them but the story is different now. She kept the truth from us just as she hid that she was a prostitute and has an active warrant out for her arrest in Maryland.

These people are ridiculous.

Caroline ‏@c37205 17h
My take on UniteBlue. @expatina @emilyslist #UniteThis


Welcome Back Trotter ‏@TarotDarrow
@c37205 @expatina @emilyslist Finally, someone writes with clarity and wisdom, from the inside out as a Liberal. Thank you. Followed.

TarotDarrow was a member of UniteBlue. She quit. Many of her followers are UniteBlue members who have no idea of her status or that she is now working with the group that is trying to destroy UniteBlue. Let them know.

The Twitter account of Ms. Hogge has only 67 followers. You'll recognize some of them. The account was created in 2008 yet has only 1200 tweets. How odd.

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Re: As Predicted, Another Smear Against UniteBlue UPDATED

Post by Ma'at on Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:13 pm

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