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Fair Warning! Facts Matter Empty Fair Warning! Facts Matter

Post by ZiLe on Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:13 pm

Now that we're in an election year and in particular now that Bullyville has named Neal Rauhauser as a defendant in a libel suit, I'm seeing efforts made to escalate the smear campaign against UniteBlue. This is fair warning that the bullshit needs to stop.

You don't have to join UniteBlue you don't have to like UniteBlue but make sure you know the difference between free speech, "just asking questions" and making defamatory statements.

Make sure you know the facts, not what someone told you. It is a verified fact that the "Anonymous" member known as OpTrollBill who led the attack against UniteBlue was in fact a Conservative Christian, Rand Paul Libertarian, TGDN member. His faux concern over a "pedophile" on Twitter was motivated by politics.

And Neal Rauhauser was involved, the facts on him is that he's a court certified Sociopath who owes over $50,000 in unpaid child support and being sued by Bullyville for harassment and threats.


Dan Bimrose@danbimrose Jan 29
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Fair Warning! Facts Matter Thunderbird_Sky_Mountain._2009_For_Mo-Melinda_Feeney._From_Janet_Hinshaw_biggerJanet @Janet6wheels
@danbimrose @UniteBlue Do you know abt the guy that produced UniteBlue? A convicted Pedophile. Love liberals, but am not member of UB.

7:34 PM - 15 Feb 2014

Fair Warning! Facts Matter Thunderbird_Sky_Mountain._2009_For_Mo-Melinda_Feeney._From_Janet_Hinshaw_biggerJanet @Janet6wheels
@deuce788 The owner of UB famous for changing his twitter ID. Has fooled many Dems true nature of UB.

1:12 PM - 20 Feb 2014

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Fair Warning! Facts Matter N4eT1SQV_bigger ZiLe Ohai!@DawanAllen now
@Janet6wheels @deuce788 Excuse me Janet? I am not owner of UB nor am I a pedophile. You have something you want to say to me?


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