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Ken @deuce788 belongs in Odd Bits and Pieces

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Ken @deuce788 belongs in Odd Bits and Pieces

Post by thoth on Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:17 pm

It seems Ken wants attention, and when he gets it he brags about it, a lot.  He pretends others start "it" and that it is retribution for asking questions.  He wakes up and signs on the twitter to say "Hello Trolls" and signs off at night saying good-night trolls. He locks and unlocks with:

    1. Ken@deuce788 Feb 20
      The trolls were getting upset 'cause I locked account...You're free to troll now. #Enjoy

    9:31 AM - 20 Feb 2014 · Details

It is no secret that Ken likes to play teh game, this is what he is looking forward to in reference to talley getting out of prison:

Ken@deuce788 Feb 18
@expatina It will be fun when he gets out...think of the possibilities.
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11:11 AM - 18 Feb 2014 ·   Please see update on talley here.

OK Kenny, you talk about Zile, a lot.  Zile mostly ignores Kenny.  You say folks "troll" because others ask questions.  When the truth is you troll for the attention and to keep up the game.  Zile does not bother with you, in sock or any other form. 

I however decided it was time to call you out on your lies.

    1. Ken@deuce788 Feb 15
      Without a few of us the UB trolls would have no reason to exist...if you want to call it existing.

    9:42 AM - 15 Feb 2014 · Details
  1. KGDOG13@kgdog13 Feb 15
    @deuce788 They either Love You, or it's their job. Who else has that kind of time and dedication?

  • Ken@deuce788 Feb 15
    @kgdog13 Yup...Penny a tweet.

    It is you whom dedicates your time looking for someone to play with, so that you can play the victim card.

    Ken@deuce788 Feb 16

      1. Hi Trolls: It should be time for you to play "The Victim" card...Waiting

      9:43 AM - 16 Feb 2014 · Details

    1. Ken@deuce788 Feb 16
      Hi Trolls: I don't need to "troll" your TL's...You've been saying the same stupid crap for months. #Socks

    No Ken, you have been saying the same stupid stuff for months.  How many times a day do you reference UB, still.  No one except you and your buds do that.  No one is asking questions yet a year later you pretend they do. A year later Ken.  No one is affiliated with UB yet it, Zile and Bloo are all that ails you.  Bloo according to you is everyone and everyone is Bloo.  No, Bloo self-identifies, as does Molly, they are real and separate people who are strong independent women.  You must have something better to do with your retirement.

    For The Record
    Happyish, Bloo, Molly, Cuddles, Sinistra, SDzzz, Hippy, Dleemar, Dawan, Edie, Audrey and many more are separate real people.  The list of people you are annoying just keeps growing.  So go play with Trot who is Just as Real as U and her nemesis TJ, any of RJ's socks, and Suzanne.  If I get bored I will give you more Ma'at time, as that also seemed to be on your bucket list.  You'll find it here > In Odd, Bits & Pieces, where it belongs.

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