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Accounts that spamblock as a group

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Accounts that spamblock as a group

Post by Ma'at on Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:07 am

This is a copy of a pastebin post

Not So Nice People.
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    The accounts below are known to participate in Spam Block campaigns against particular individuals and groups on twitter regardless of political affiliation (including members of their own party) to further a private agenda invented by Tier 1. Widespread character assassination, cyber-stalking, and account targeting are deployed to suspend accounts.
    Protected accounts are often necessary to avoid suspension if targeted by this list. It is suggested to lock twitter accounts when logging off. Victim accounts are being "time-carded" and attacked when the user is not online and the account is vulnerable.
    It is advised you copy since those listed file complaints for quick removal of this document.
    TIER 1:
    @Trina_R_Cuppett (formerly @keyboardninja13)
    @catsrimportant  Abandoned by owner Melissa Brewer. Group provocation account.
    @lievrefou (formerly @1000daysoframen)
    @AdversAerial *Extensive list in final section "RJ STERLING Socks"
    @PoliticolNews Teri Salvador. Rumored to be @Shoq
    @Kookpocalypse This account may be under management by Matt Osborne, Rauhauser
    @Trina_R_Cuppett (formerly @keyboardninja13 also @Optrollbill (group account)
    @OpTrollBill (group account - formerly @truthbytheballs)
    @1000daysoframen  Surrendered account now @Unite Pink
    TIER 2:
    @Unite_This (Anti-Unite Blue account)
    (Frontman for a documented Unite Blue Ddos event.)
    Operates an IP blocking service and youtube:
    TIER 3:
    @Countryback1776 Alleged conservative ally and promoter for RJ Sterling.
    @politaireloser Function:Targeted individual
    @mcgabbney Function:Targeted individual
    *@RonBryn Ron follows Osborne's blocking orders.
    *@EmeraldCityJazz 505 twitter aliases (
    Lora Lusher. The final four marked names are sporadic supporters.
    *RJ STERLING Socks:
    @dirkcheek Claims to be a beandog
    @dirkcheap Claims to be a beandog
    @N3M37Y7 (This account may be shared with @OsborneInk)
    @IGiveRWNJsBJs  Function:Targeted individual
    @nostopdaddystop Function:Targeted individual
    @MissMolllllllly Function:Targeted individual
    @dailydriveier Function:Targeted individual

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