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the f0x stands with V0x Empty the f0x stands with V0x

Post by thoth on Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:56 pm

It appears that the f0x; stands with la V0x!
and she takes that support with cheers
but beware the attention ~
that comes from the jets, in redemption
for he shares his baggage with peers.

the f0x stands with V0x 47X11Ym

The RWNJ talking point is a well known page from the Cabal's playbook of course.  ZiLe's TL @DawanAllen is read with daily interest by RJ and he shares his commentary in subtweets.  ZiLe has a dedication to truth-telling and setting the record straight and RJ has not gone unnoticed.

the f0x stands with V0x UWKeHZq

the f0x stands with V0x APaNHWx

the f0x stands with V0x 2bPhjr7

It is interesting that Vox has decidedly endorsed this name-calling and presentation of false attributions. And we definitely agree that you should "get facts."

the f0x stands with V0x RMz60Ty

And yes, going on a solo massive campaign to stalk condolence tweeters during and after a family death; then calling those who pushed back RWNJ was stupid.  This has nothing to do with politics, it has everything to do with character.

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