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Post by ZiLe on Thu Nov 14, 2013 8:01 pm

@Kookpocalypse DM
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AubreyChernick 3:07pm via Web

@Kookpocalypse @expatina @OsborneInk a big step back is probably the wisest move right now.
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Kookpocalypse 3:06pm via Web

@AubreyChernick @expatina @OsborneInk You'll see it all tomorrow night, will be nice to have another set of eyes on it.
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AubreyChernick 3:05pm via Web

@Kookpocalypse @expatina @OsborneInk oh.
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Kookpocalypse 3:04pm via Web

@AubreyChernick @expatina @OsborneInk So now a little public chatter to encourage people to take a step back & observe a bit before acting.
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Kookpocalypse 3:03pm via Web

@AubreyChernick @expatina @OsborneInk I have a fragment of something, knew it was important, this AM I got showed where it fits.
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AubreyChernick 3:03pm via Web

@Kookpocalypse @expatina @OsborneInk i dont understand. does it change the game or rearrange the chess pieces? it left me quiet for a minute
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Kookpocalypse 3:00pm via Web

.@AubreyChernick @expatina @OsborneInk Hazards of distant friends, you gotta yell WHOA!@!@! a lot before it takes effect.
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Kookpocalypse 2:59pm via Web

.@AubreyChernick @expatina @OsborneInk That about sums it up. I hope people notice and stand down.
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AubreyChernick 2:58pm via Web

.@Kookpocalypse ok. what now? @expatina @OsborneInk
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Kookpocalypse 2:52pm via Web

@expatina @OsborneInk Would it put anyone out if I wanted a flat out ban on anyone touching that?
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expatina 2:44pm via Web

@Kookpocalypse @OsborneInk Ah, I see why Seekrit. Yowza,
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Kookpocalypse 2:42pm via Web

@expatina @OsborneInk Look at that image in your email. That was collected maybe in August. Never showed it, we got confirmation another way
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Kookpocalypse 2:37pm via Web

@expatina @OsborneInk I've had it for 60 - 90 days, just sat & waited, told no one. I was pretty sure it was legit, wanted confirmation.
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Kookpocalypse 2:37pm via Web

@expatina @OsborneInk Sorry, you're seeing this afternoon, consensus is that's crap. This morning we got something I think is legit.
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expatina 2:36pm via Web

@OsborneInk @Kookpocalypse Wazzup? Seekrit stuff?
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Kookpocalypse 2:36pm via Web

@OsborneInk This afternoon, I just looked at the summary, I expect it'll get debunked, I'm not personally gonna look any further.
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Kookpocalypse 2:34pm via Web

@OsborneInk The one this morning, I had the photo to go with it, right? That is not new information, I've had it for 60 - 90 days.
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Kookpocalypse 2:32pm via Web

@OsborneInk We had a thing this morning, and then the other thing this afternoon. I think everybody ought to take a deep breath.
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OsborneInk 2:30pm via Web

@Kookpocalypse ?
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Kookpocalypse 2:28pm via Web

OK, that's two in one day. All y'all just hold up for a minute.
Kookpocalypse 11:38am via Web

I hand out a new forensic tool, the diggers go wild.
Kookpocalypse 9:43am via Web

10:00 AM Thursday & my work for the weekend is already finished. What other trouble can I find here in the Twitterverse?
Kookpocalypse 9:42am via Web

@kinseyinstitute You meant "99% of heterosexual adults", right?
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Kookpocalypse 9:35am via Web

Gathering information? $0.0001 in electricity
Fedex envelopes to four people? $100
Watching two mouthy punks try to derail it? Priceless.
Kookpocalypse 9:32am via Web

Breadcrumb #4
Kookpocalypse 9:32am via Web

Breadcrumb #3
Kookpocalypse 9:31am via Web

Breadcrumb #2
Kookpocalypse 9:30am via Web

Breadcrumb #1…
Liberty_Chick 7:48am via Web

@rsmccain @asherahresearch @Kookpocalypse @Patterico Looks like he deleted? Which would be smart if he did, since it'd be a blatant lie.
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Kookpocalypse 7:23am via Web

James McGibney is a sad specimen even as far as internet fame whores go.

And in spite of it all, the #Swatgate caller still sounds EXACTLY like Brandon Darby to me.…
             Kookpocalypse                            8:00am             via         Web                                
Home sweet home, please don't send me any court paperwork for a frivolous lawsuit, OK?
             Kookpocalypse                            7:59am             via         Web                                
Just watch this weekend, you'll see the comedy team of McGibney & Michelle find my domain's address - 1060 West Addison, Chicago, IL.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:54am             via         Web                                
Funniest of all? Most of McGibney's faildoxing of @OccupyRebellion came from my favorite Judas Goat, crazy Michelle in Clark, NJ
             Kookpocalypse                            7:51am             via         Web                                
Here's news on another project from the little man with the great big mouth.… ut oh, well founded libel suit.
             Liberty_Chick                            7:48am             via         Web                                
@rsmccain @asherahresearch @Kookpocalypse @Patterico Looks like he deleted? Which would be smart if he did, since it'd be a blatant lie.
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             Kookpocalypse                            7:45am             via         Web                                
Who are those bouncers? Heavily male search engine visitors LOOKING FOR REVENGE PORN.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:43am             via         Web                                
70% of visitors bounce immediately.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:43am             via         Web                                
You want some laughs, look at Alexa for McGibney's flagship web site. 107,000th in the US!
             Kookpocalypse                            7:41am             via         Web                                
Summary: legit pedohunters connected to McGibney get doxed during his sloperations. Ones wise enough to avoid him get smeared.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:38am             via         Web                                
First McGibney tries to claim @optrollbill's work & he gets slapped down hard. Then he starts smearing the effort.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:37am             via         Web                                
Meanwhile McGibney is rolling in the muck /w Rustle League. All of the legit pedohunter crew get doxed due to this judgment error.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:36am             via         Web                                
Kate Gosselin lawsuit gets famefagged everywhere, but it's DOA. Shakedown targets have counsel, motion to dismiss is deadly accurate.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:34am             via         Web                                
Photobucket alias is an homage to some obscure porn star, but some unlucky woman in Acton, MA has the same name.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:33am             via         Web                                
Finally, McGibney PAYS someone for identity info on @OccupyRebellion, and he gets punked with an alias on a photo bucket account.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:32am             via         Web                                
Next it's time for a gender change. Some account abandoned years ago provides a thin trail to former Hustler editor Scott Fayner.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:32am             via         Web                                
Next, Lane L in NY. She won't say what happened, but there was some sort of event at an outdated address for her.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:31am             via         Web                                
But crazy ex gets busted setting fire to his parents' home with them inside, so mass shooting at women's shelter is averted. Whew.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:30am             via         Web                                
A shelter where Melissa stayed briefly years ago gets swatted, and her truly crazy ex gets prompted to do something.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:29am             via         Web                                
He tries Melissa Brewer, but that's a nonstarter, he's just harassing her because she's effective at political outreach.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:28am             via         Web                                
And Jennifer G is just one of many wingnut rabbit holes from 2011, the one is Boston isn't @OccupyRebellion either.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:28am             via         Web                                
FIrst he says it took him less than four hours and he's SURE he's right. Jennifer G in San Diego isn't even on the right coast.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:27am             via         Web                                
How many people has James McGibney faildoxed as the defunct @OccupyRebellion ? Let's count his fuckups, shall we?
             Kookpocalypse                            7:25am             via         Web                                
So McGibney gets a scrap of disinfo on Osborne, and promptly admits a direct connection to a targeted abuse account posing as MO's mom.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:24am             via         Web                                
This location is not now nor has it ever been a mobile home. But Matt Osborne told James McGibney he'd lived in one.
             Kookpocalypse                            7:23am             via         Web                                
James McGibney is a sad specimen even as far as internet fame whores go.
             rsmccain                            7:02am             via         Web                                
Classic projection: In 3 a.m. tweet, Neal Rauhauser suggests others are "losing sleep"… @Kookpocalypse
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             rsmccain                            7:00am             via         Web                                
Ah! NR tries to make @asherahresearch and @Liberty_Chick scapegoats for "Carlito2000"?… @Kookpocalypse @Patterico
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             rsmccain                            6:58am             via         Web                                
Oh, Neal Rauhauser *admits* making "health and welfare" call?… On whom? @Kookpocalypse
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             rsmccain                            6:58am             via         Web                                
Oh, Neal Rauhauser *admits* making "health and welfare" call?… On whom? @Kookpocalypse
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             rsmccain                            6:55am             via         Web                                
Neal Rauhauser's Sooper Sekrit Troll Machine or something
             ShootingBunnies                            12:10am             via         Twitter for Android                                
             Kookpocalypse                            Nov 13, 8:12pm             via         Web                                
Ask not for whom the IRC channel scrolls, it scrolls for thee. What WERE you thinking making that episode available as video? #ROTFLMAO

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