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Neal's Company admits to filtering customer's emails

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Neal's Company admits to filtering customer's emails

Post by ZiLe on Sat Nov 16, 2013 3:40 pm

From the "List of Shame" at

The makers of this website give Skull Ratings to companies that handle email and filter it without regard to confidentiality.

American Relay was a company co-owned by Neal. There was some sort of falling out and Neal ended up named in a lawsuit by them. (added at their request. By the admission of their own Neal Rauhauser CCNP/CCDP/RBL, they are a '...scurrilous ISP'. And despite what Neal Rauhauser CCNP/CCDP/RBL says, their web site does not appear to mention that they filter customer email. Oh, one of the two skulls is for filtering email, but the other is for misusing the word 'scurrilous'--unless they really are 'given to using coarse language, being vulgar or evil' or given to 'obscenities, abuse or slander', which is the Merriam-Webster definition of the word.)


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