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Report on Mark Swaney aka @ice_ice_pic

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Report on Mark Swaney aka @ice_ice_pic Empty Report on Mark Swaney aka @ice_ice_pic

Post by ZiLe on Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:27 pm

Finally the LINK to show a copy of the report you just filed is working! Here I reported him for admitting he has multiple accounts that have made threats.
After I filed I was reminded the Mark Swaney's current accounts are @pppb3, @ice_ice_pic, @Sock_Sqawk and @cheapbluebauble. His other accounts @boyinboycott, @libertwat09, gaygoddess_1 and @KabukiAnimal were banned.
I hope you can find the time to report this psycho and his attack accounts.

What username is causing the issue?: @ice_ice_pic

Tweet I am reporting:

Tweet I am reporting:

Tweet I am reporting:

Tweet I am reporting:

Blocked user(s): Yes
How many times has this happened?: Several times from different accounts

Further description of problem: In the first tweet this person admits that he has another account @pppb3 and 2 more besides that one. In the other tweets he confirms he threatened to blow our heads off. He has been reported numerous times on all of his other accounts (@gaygoddess_1, @KabukiAnimal). His timelines are full of threats and revolting pictures. Please investigate all his accounts. Since his main purpose is to harass others, he doesn't need multiple accounts to do that.

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Report on Mark Swaney aka @ice_ice_pic Empty Example of another report filed.

Post by Kaza on Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:33 pm

I also made a report, although twitter ate the report on submit (again) the print report copy worked.  I saved it to PDF and copy/pasted it as submission to previous pppb3 report. (He made admission he was pppb3 in these tweets.) To account for potential deletion of tweets I copy/pasted some of them to body of report.  



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