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Dear Libby: These #FactsMatter signed @greenmitera

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Dear Libby:  These #FactsMatter   signed @greenmitera  Empty Dear Libby: These #FactsMatter signed @greenmitera

Post by Kaza on Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:51 am

Dear Libby:

You have been begging for our twitter attention for way to long now. It is time to stop.  No one cares about any of your private details. Your developing your secret adulterous affair with his locked account was more than any of us could stomach in the way back.  We did not grow more curious, just more disgusted.

We met standing for, and in front of, people who were being harassed by cyber-bullies.   When you were aligned with others with these same goals, like minded people had your back.  It was within this synergy where you got your strength.  Translate: your credibility.

In all the tiff and taff that followed, your trying to please men combined with your "hotheadedness"  took you down a dark path.  The moment you aligned with a troll that was claiming an ally was raped by her father at 3, you became the likes of them. The them we had once stood in front of together.  There was no remorse, and no turning back.

You now proclaim your anti-bully tag was a farce and that you were always a troll.  I get that now.  It is not my style but to each his own. 

You got bored and the dark troll side excited you.  The values you sometimes seem to still claim, take a back seat to the methods you condone and employ. 

For example.  Do you think you are being clever here?

Dear Libby:  These #FactsMatter   signed @greenmitera  Z2P-fCiT_normal  HotHeaded Sin  @Liberata017    ·     Feb 4    
I don't see a child in that screencap? @greenmitera you have crossed the line. This will not end well for you.

Really. Not end well for me?  You responded to:

You think that capping a child, any child, even a troll's is the right thing to do?  To be complicit in your bf's made-up drama?

Take a look at your timeline.  You are checking all the boxes to troll us that failed for those that came before you.  You put out doxes like candy in a parade, and pictures of people that are not involved.  You and your friend frightened an uninvolved stranger off of Facebook, because they got the lottery in just one of your fail doxes. You took their Facebook pics and spread them on twitter with horrific lies.

You and your friend tweeted pics, included their names, addresses, and relationships.  For months you harassed people that were not even on twitter and proclaimed your own greatness in doing so. 

Let me make this as clear as possible.  Listen carefully.  No one cares.  Not who you are, not how you are, not where you are, not nada.  You have used this excuse to troll for months.

Dear Libby:  These #FactsMatter   signed @greenmitera  Z2P-fCiT_normal  HotHeaded Sin  @Liberata017    ·     Feb 4    
What do you want Karen? You want my d0x? Will you stop d0xing and harassing kids then? Lets talk @greenmitera #p2 #UniteBlue

We simply do not care.  Do not use this as an excuse to troll when someone responds to you and your friend @thecypressgang's inane fiascoes.  Have an affair, don't have an affair, we don't fucking care.  Just leave us out of it.

We do not want anything to do with either of you.  Try very hard to understand this. 


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