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The Cabal as @catsrimportant has a doxing party.

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The Cabal as @catsrimportant has a doxing party.

Post by thoth on Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:52 pm

  The Cabal: I haz a mad cuz you did not cower down, so I will dox you.

written by *@glassridges

On October 14- The Cabal ~ "General @nealrauhauser," and stewards @osborneink, @hawknsmith, @trinacuppett @expatina, etc., co-joined account @catsrimportant to finish "d0xing" those that did not cower down to their demands during @trinacuppett's mission. #opuniteblue 

- because many accounts were already doxed for standing on the side of truth and justice, or simply noticed, and mentioned on twitter, the Cabal's gang-bully mentality ways.

The tweets are listed in reverse order.

Yeah so how did that "Fare thee well now" work out for ya so far?

Let's look at the catalyst for big excitement.

Why did Cabal black out "Ludlow, MA?"   @glassridges left the tweet up for more than an hour, before deleting to assess your paranoia level.  @_Zaffre never even saw it.

Struck a nerve? I am *told someone set up an email from that city, "poor Jones woman?" - uh, no, why do you think so?  How do you know where a false positive is? Michelle? before my time with you crazies.

*I am told by the google - I offered the link before, no one has asked for it.  Yeah - my info is sourced, unlike Cabal's make it up until Carol believes it.

*to be continued

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