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How to Build A Personal Army; The Real Story Behind OpTrollBill copy of PasteBin Sept 11th, 2013

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How to Build A Personal Army; The Real Story Behind OpTrollBill copy of PasteBin Sept 11th, 2013

Post by ZiLe on Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:10 pm

The real story behind @OpTrollBill
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    In a nutshell @OpTrollBill is an old account that was set up under the Anonymous banner to FameFag getting William Talley who was convicted of possession of child porn off of Twitter.  While getting Talley off of Twitter is an admirable goal the reality is that it was nothing more than a front to rally behind for getting followers.   As soon as that accounts follower numbers were up high enough it began to attack the political organization known as Unite Blue of whom Talley had been a board member.  Unite Blue removed Talley from the board once his criminal past was discovered but the @OpTrollBill account continued to falsely claim that both Unite Blue and non Unite Blue individuals were pedophile supporters even though they had disassociated themselves from Talley after learning the truth.   While there are a handful of Talley supporters out there that should legitimately be shunned the reality is that most of the individuals being accused of supporting his pedo leanings a had no idea he had a criminal past nor do they support pedos.   The account misused the Anonymous banner to encourage other Anonymous members to go after Unite Blue individuals even to the point of DDOSing their website – see here - After Talley was finally convicted and sent off to prisio the @OpTrollBill account went dormant.  It then started back up at the end of July 2013 by stating:“I'm just here to make sure this doesn't follow the original owner back home. Whoever it was split 7/26, then I got the account”.   It then followed up with tweets like this which almost appear to allude that it has “information” that others might not want to get out. The account also tweeted it would offer $50 for the d0x of SeriousMode.  When this was brought to the attention of SeriousMode, the account then apparently was afraid and deleted that tweet including its entire TL prior to about 2 weeks ago.   In late July/early August after supposedly communicate with Neal Rauhauser’s supporter account @MissAnonNews (now suspended), @OpTrollBill then complained that @Captien_Obvious tried to social engineer him and that there were a bunch of DMs from @Captien_Obvious that were “concerning”   @OpTrollBill then whined that @Captien_Obvious had deleted the DMs.  @OpTrollBill then states say’s nope he has “everything he needs”.  Everything he needs for what? Who knows.  But here is the interesting point.  If the DMs had been deleted that means the only way for @OpTrollBill to have them would be to either have access to the original account owners email or to know who the original account owner was in order to have them forward the DMs from their email to @OpTrollBill   So @OpTrollBill lied.   Despite all of @OpTrollBill’s flailing about, that account has yet to produce said DMs.  It has been over a month since those DMs were first mentioned by @OpTrollBill and he’s still talking about them   Hot air? @OpTrollBill now appears soley focused on smearing @BullyVille aka James McGibney in the wake of the Kate Gosselin lawsuit which is believed will also involve the subpoena and confirmation of who is behind the @MissAnonNews Twitter account.  Information that it appears Neal Rauhauser does not want to be confirmed.   Given the timing and chain of events, it is reasonable to assume the @OpTrollBill account is either being run by Neal Rauhauser or one of his associates.  In fact this tweet     from the account is worded the exact same words Neal Rauhauser has used on his blog – the one he deleted – kinda like this account deleted all of its Tweets.   Coincidence?

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