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Pastebin mentioned in Kookpocalypse conversation Empty Pastebin mentioned in Kookpocalypse conversation

Post by ZiLe on Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:47 pm

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    11:04:48 PM) Unverified conversation with [][/email] started.
    (11:04:48 PM) GHOST: sup
    (11:05:00 PM) GHOST: what are these emergency news lol?
    (11:05:18 PM) FATALE: I got a call tonight from someone who writes to Jeremy Hammond. He's locked up with JTG
    (11:05:30 PM) GHOST: haha
    (11:05:32 PM) GHOST: oh lord
    (11:05:38 PM) FATALE: JTG is currently in protective custody but was in the same block as Jeremy for a week
    (11:06:15 PM) FATALE: What I tell you has to stay off public TL or I'm fucked. Shmoop & Saken & Rebel will know by the end of the night. Well Shmoop & Rebel know now
    (11:06:31 PM) GHOST: sakes just logged off
    (11:06:37 PM) FATALE: So, JTG bragged that he did our carding to set people up so he could snitch on them.
    (11:06:48 PM) FATALE: Yeah, Saken will talk to shmoop later
    (11:06:51 PM) FATALE: yeah i know
    (11:06:53 PM) FATALE: anyway
    (11:07:03 PM) FATALE: JTG denied doing our swatting
    (11:07:04 PM) FATALE: but
    (11:07:45 PM) FATALE: he's said that he snitched on 3 ppl from RL. The girl who told me hates you guys & hates that I'm friends with you so she wouldnt tell me who but she said 3 ppl & mentioned a girl
    (11:07:52 PM) FATALE: My guess is you, Saken & Shmoop
    (11:08:24 PM) FATALE: JTG is bragging that he's snitched on the 3 of you & that it's set in stone that u 3 are going to be v&. Now you're in Canada ofc which is good
    (11:08:46 PM) GHOST: lol
    (11:08:57 PM) GHOST: i dont even do anything illegal
    (11:09:10 PM) GHOST: neither does jtg know my name or whereabouts
    (11:09:28 PM) FATALE: I know that. Now Saken is on jabber, I'm just going to copy paste what I'm saying to you, to him to make it easier. gimme a sec
    (11:09:42 PM) GHOST: maybe the person relaying these messages are making shit up
    (11:09:45 PM) GHOST: to stir drama
    (11:09:48 PM) GHOST: who is it?
    (11:11:03 PM) GHOST: i dont even talk to josh, sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me
    (11:11:30 PM) FATALE: it's @NILFGrab, she's not on twatter anymore but she writes to jeremy & this is what JTG is saying in prison
    (11:11:38 PM) FATALE: now he could just be lying but
    (11:11:53 PM) GHOST: it sounds like half truths to me
    (11:11:55 PM) GHOST: first off
    (11:12:06 PM) FATALE: i didn't want to take the chance that he wasn't. I know you don't do anything illegal but still, i needed to tell you
    (11:12:11 PM) FATALE: I need to get brody brb
    (11:12:16 PM) GHOST: josh doesen't have a problem with me, also i dont, nor have done anything illegal, and def not in the carding scene
    (11:12:43 PM) GHOST: he wouldnt just make up an elaborate carding and pinpoint me, when he knows , it would be a waste of time
    (11:13:13 PM) GHOST: josh is not an total idiot, also he has plenty other ppl he could pick and choose to snitch on
    (11:14:10 PM) GHOST: this nilfgrab seems like a bit of a retard and the fact he personally hates RL so fucking much, makes whatever he is "relaying from hammon" incredible not likely
    (11:14:45 PM) GHOST: unless can provide actual letters/correspondence from hammon himself im gonna take it as some butthurt anon occyfaggot with a very vivid fucking imagination
    (11:15:09 PM) FATALE: Well she wont & she told me not to tell you guys or she'll be PISSED
    (11:15:48 PM) GHOST: and u can tell this nilf fagget if he has a fucking problem with me, then he is quite free to email, jabber, or tweet me and to cut his dick off and royally shove it up his own anus
    (11:15:59 PM) FATALE: and she has my address so i dont want topiss her off
    (11:16:15 PM) GHOST: well then u tell this C*nt
    (11:16:36 PM) FATALE: please dont start an argument or its me thats going to suffer
    (11:16:41 PM) GHOST: that she better take my name out of filthy fucking mouth with ridicilous fucking lies or ill fuck her with a car
    (11:16:44 PM) GHOST: in the face
    (11:17:08 PM) GHOST: im sick and tired of these net ppl running around with their heads cut off gossiping fucking bullshit
    (11:17:13 PM) GHOST: like some tinfoil circus
    (11:17:43 PM) GHOST: jtg is not after RL
    (11:17:53 PM) GHOST: jtg has no fucking beef with anyone in rl besides saken
    (11:18:08 PM) GHOST: i'd like to see a copy of these claims
    (11:18:13 PM) GHOST: from hammond
    (11:18:32 PM) FATALE: she didn't actually say your name, just the girl from RL. Meepz, I just wanted to tell you to keep you safe. please don't get angry. i just needed you to be ok
    (11:18:41 PM) GHOST: there is only one girl in RL
    (11:18:53 PM) GHOST: im fine
    (11:19:19 PM) GHOST: but next time u talk to this bitch tell her to not spread shit about me or ill cut her tits off
    (11:19:33 PM) FATALE: lol I will
    (11:19:37 PM) GHOST: did u even see any actual correspondence?
    (11:20:01 PM) GHOST: because ALL DA EVERYDAY i got some online fagget telling me tinfoil stories, and frankly im sick of it
    (11:20:06 PM) GHOST: proof or gtfo
    (11:20:32 PM) FATALE: no she called me & read from it
    (11:20:37 PM) GHOST: also hammond doesent even know who RL are
    (11:20:41 PM) GHOST: why would he care lol
    (11:20:44 PM) FATALE: God meepz, please don't get mad at me. im just trying to help
    (11:20:51 PM) GHOST: im pissy today
    (11:20:59 PM) FATALE: because he told her everything JTG has been doing
    (11:21:51 PM) GHOST: maybe ill just write to hammond myself
    (11:21:56 PM) FATALE: anyway. I just wanted to help, I don't want to get yelled at, I just wanted to let you know because I love you guys & I protect my friends
    (11:22:07 PM) FATALE: that will get me into trouble but do what you must
    (11:22:09 PM) GHOST: no i know i appreciate it
    (11:22:14 PM) GHOST: im just very pissy
    (11:22:21 PM) GHOST: and very tired of online shit
    (11:22:30 PM) GHOST: ive been yelling at everything all day
    (11:22:59 PM) FATALE: well I don't blame you but I would hope that you know if it comes from me that i tell you because I care & not that Im trying to stir up shit
    (11:23:25 PM) GHOST: but its coming from u 3rd person
    (11:23:27 PM) GHOST: thats why
    (11:23:35 PM) GHOST: if hammond told me sure
    (11:23:58 PM) GHOST: the fact some RL hater is relaying this just makes me question any authenticity
    (11:24:19 PM) GHOST: either way
    (11:24:25 PM) FATALE: that's fine, I just wanted to help. I hope that you will keep it quiet or I'm fucked & she has my address
    (11:24:54 PM) GHOST: fbi wouldnt even have a fucking case to build nothing on cause there is nothing there, lol
    (11:25:14 PM) FATALE: I know. Anyway, I'm going to go
    (11:25:33 PM) GHOST: just seems very off jtg would be bragging to hammond he carded u to set up 3 ppl in RL
    (11:25:44 PM) FATALE: Noooooo
    (11:25:49 PM) FATALE: that's not what he said
    (11:25:51 PM) GHOST: when me and josh have no problems, and he also knows i dont even run in carding circles or etc stuff
    (11:25:58 PM) FATALE: he said he carded us to set other people up
    (11:26:07 PM) FATALE: along with bragging about that & being a snitch
    (11:26:39 PM) FATALE: he bragged that he's snitched on 3 people from RL & its set in stone that they will be v&. Idk what he snitched on anyone from RL about
    (11:26:44 PM) FATALE: it wasnt linked to our carding
    (11:26:57 PM) FATALE: that was a separate issue that he also bragged about
    (11:28:31 PM) GHOST: lol yeah idk lol
    (11:28:41 PM) GHOST: guess ill be v& for posting lolcats
    (11:29:14 PM) GHOST: if u could
    (11:29:15 PM) FATALE: lol, anyway i have to go. i just wanted to tell you what i heard. please keep it of public tl. she has my address
    (11:29:24 PM) GHOST: get a actual transcript of the letter from hammond
    (11:29:28 PM) GHOST: that would be awesome
    (11:29:32 PM) GHOST: if not i understand
    (11:29:38 PM) GHOST: re the rl part anyway
    (11:29:46 PM) GHOST: i wont say anything
    (11:30:08 PM) FATALE: there's no way she'd give it to me. I had to drag it out of her because she mentioned it a little but didn't want to tell me because i am friends with you guys & she knew i'd tell you
    (11:30:27 PM) FATALE: i guilt tripped her into telling me
    (11:30:36 PM) GHOST: what a fucking C*nt
    (11:30:41 PM) GHOST: does she even know us?? lol
    (11:30:49 PM) GHOST: or know what weve done to help u, and hig
    (11:30:55 PM) FATALE: no she doesnt & this is a topic we argue over a lot
    (11:31:02 PM) FATALE: yes she knows that
    (11:31:09 PM) FATALE: she just refuses to acknowledge it
    (11:31:31 PM) GHOST: oh so a dried up fucking C*nt then
    (11:31:47 PM) FATALE: she tried saying that you guys just came out of the blue & I was like WTF? they have been around since hig was first v& & no-one knew about it
    (11:32:13 PM) FATALE: she came out of the blue a few months b4 brody was born & seems to claim ownership or something on us. it's weird
    (11:32:19 PM) GHOST: all of us were around yrs before we even formed RL
    (11:32:25 PM) GHOST: if she did her research better...
    (11:32:46 PM) FATALE: i know that. it's a sore point which is why i hardly talk to her
    (11:32:58 PM) GHOST: u hang with some fucking idiots
    (11:33:01 PM) GHOST: sorry to say
    (11:33:39 PM) FATALE: i dont hang with her at all. i speak to her every couple of months
    (11:33:44 PM) FATALE: she's not in my circle
    (11:34:26 PM) FATALE: anyway, i have to go. i didn't mean to upset you, i was just trying to help. I'll talk to you soon x
    (11:34:31 PM) [][/email] has ended his/her private conversation with you; you should do the same.
    (11:34:31 PM) FATALE has signed off.

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